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The Game Changing Engine—

The inAAVate™ platform provides high-yield, high-quality product, giving you more of what you need in smaller batch sizes

Our suite of services delivers

  • high titer

    Achieved >1E15 vg/L bioreactor titer

  • accelerated cell and gene therapy product development

    Across a range of serotypes and genes of interest

  • high yield

    Achieved >1E17 vg of drug substance per 500L batch equivalent

  • high product quality

    Demonstrated >90% full AAV vectors

  • proven scalability

    Up to 2,000L scale

  • So you can stay ahead of the game.

Our Approach

Our highly accomplished team members bring expansive experiences, enabling us to offer


>1E15 vg/L bioreactor titer demonstrated in >10 serotypes and multiple genes of interest


>90% full AAV vector achieved


>1E17 vg of drug substance from a single 500L bioreactor lot


>45 methods developed for full vector characterization, quality control, and stability testing


6 successful IND/CTA submissions achieved


500 to 2000L scale confirmed in our suite of services

Adeno associated virus platform production

Using the inAAVate™ platform,

we have successfully—and repeatedly—delivered exceptional product quality for numerous constructs bearing different genomes and AAV serotypes across different production scales.

Our Company

Together, we can maximize the potential impact of AAV gene therapies on patients’ lives.

The ultimate benefit is

  • accelerating your drug development timeline
  • getting your product to clinic and market faster, while achieving product quality that will increase the probability of success for IND and BLA approval
  • offering the best value economics in the industry

Oxford Biomedica is committed to ensuring that your process development and manufacturing needs are met through all stages of your AAV product drug development.

Life-saving and life-altering gene therapies for all.

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